Sunday, March 28, 2010

Vegan Pizza

Ok, once I started on this new life style change a few weeks back I thought my pizza days were OVER for good! Happy to report so not the case! I was not only able to make and eat a pizza that was vegan but one that was TO DIE FOR! It was so tasty!!!!!!

Feel free to be hero and make your own pizza dough, it's easy enough, yes! However, I was able to buy FRESH, homemade dough at my local market for .99 cents. Trader Joe's sells them in whole wheat and ones with garlic and parm flavor--am sure you can go to your local pizza place and ask to buy some or a bakery!

I took tomato and and basil pesto sauces in jars spread that out on the dough. I think took a whole garlic cluster and cut the tops off, drizzled with EVOO and hit it with some pepper, put in the oven on 400 degrees and roasted that for a topping (yum for this garlic lover). I cut up Greek Style Pitted Olives each one in a 3slices, added a large roasted pepper (yes, from a jar, just as good and far quicker), added 3 types of mushrooms (love wild funky ones), Added fresh basil and red sliced onions.
Popped the pizza in an oven preheated to 450 degrees and kept an eye on it until it was done, as all ovens vary. Oh when I roasted the garlic on the foil in the oven preheated to 400 degrees I did that for about 15 minutes or so. Added that on the pizza spread out on top and bottom of other toppings. I did NOT miss the cheese not one bit! It was loaded up with good food and was so tasty I can't even begin to tell you! Next time I may try putting marinated, grilled eggplant on top:) ENOY!


  1. This looks DELICIOUS!!!!! And there is NOTHING like HOMEMADE pizza!!!!!! I try to make one every week! I buy my dough too, lol. you are SO lucky you have a Trader Joe's!

  2. Yeah, I figure I cook and clean enough..don't need to be no hero making my own dough! Keeping things simple makes eating better so much easier!