Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Best New Fast Food Joint!

Today I took my mom to Chipoltle's!!!  I ordered the  burrito w/ white rice with cilantro, organic black beans, salsa, romaine lettuce, and  roasted corn with red onion...topped off with guacamole! YUM!!!!
It was actually my 2nd time eating their food but first time being there in person! What is very cool is that if you go online you can DL their menu and fax over your order and then just pick it up if you don't feel like waiting...their lines can get LONG as everyone is loving the place! Fresh ingredients! I was just very impressed both times! CHIPOTLE MEXICAN GRILL

I am so proud of myself since being on The Kind Diet THE KIND DIET! (Check out Alicia Silverstone's book on my block or google it)....I have not felt this great in years! I feel my good health returning, along with some extra energy (I have Fibo and so that normally makes me tired a LOT) but now it's like that and my GERD are SO, SO much to the point that I hardly think of either illness (and I am OFF my GERD meds in just three weeks time on this diet). I knew it would be easy with the meat ... but the cheese was VERY difficult, I won't lie! I am not a milk drinker so that was not an issue (with my cereal I enjoy soy or almond milk which I have been drinking for a while now)..they also have rice and hemp milk alternatives! The SOY "cheese" is not the REAL thing but with all honesty in a tofu omelet or on a veggie sandwich, it taste good/creamy! When I made my pizza the other day (which I will post pics of soon) it was LOADED with veggies that I actually did not need cheese so opt not to even put the soy on it! I used 2 pesto sauces (instead of pizza sauce) lots of green olives, red onion, roasted red peppers, fresh basil and some other things I will share when I post the pictures and recipe. You can add eggplant (grilled first) on top ..oh, getting in the mood again so I better end here!!  Enjoy the weekend and blessed Sunday to you all!

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