Friday, March 12, 2010

Starting Thinking Better About My Food Choices

After watching Oprah's show on Thursday, March 11th I started to re-think my food choices. I always felt I ate pretty healthy .... then I seen the show!!! What an eye opener! I encourage you to go to her website and view that day's show!

Tonight I made Halibut, plain couscous and steamed broccoli.

I bought two books and the Food, Inc. Movie for my family and friend to watch!! I don't plan on stop eating meat (and that is not what the movie promotes) but rather eat less of it because it will cost me more now to buy free range meats! I am DEMANDING change in our food supply by doing this and hope others will follow me as I am following SO many others!

As of 3-23-10 I have not had ANY meat and no dairy with the exception of each morning I did put a splash of half and half in my coffee. I looking and feeling better! Can't believe the change in just a short time. My GERD is becoming easier to live with and with FAR less pain!!! I am thrilled to say in the least. Speaks volumes!!!

I hope I continue on this responsible path and wish you all the best in doing so as well.

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  1. On the fish I just put fresh squeezed lemon, dill, parsley, ground black pepper, sea salt and grated fresh ginger. The broccoli is just steamed with a tiny bit of sea salt and lemon juice, the couscous is very plain...will mix the broccoli in with that;) Doing ok so far!!