Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Vera Bradley Tote Came Today:) yay!WooHooo!

OUTSIDE OF TOTE!closeup of the YELLOW BIRDPic of one side (had two pockets, one on each side)

Ok, here is a tip. If you sign up for their newsletter or become a fan on Facebook you often can find GREAT deals on favorite things. This is what I did with this bag..Via a Facebook offer I was able to get this $78 tote for a total of $37.75 (I actually got $50 off ) but had to pay $8 shipping (Fedex) and a Mass Sales tax (6.25%) of $1.75.

I am so happy with the size (it is bigger than I thought it would be). It is called Yellow Bird.

Here is look @ the inside:


  1. ooh! really beautiful!
    I grew up in Mass. and am a KellEy too!!!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Thank you! Is your maiden last name Kelley? Or is that your first name? My BIL (obviously a Kelley) married a girl in the town they both grew up .. her last name? Kelley! The wedding was funny at best! No relation of course but hey, she did not have to even think about changing her last name:)

    Do you miss anything about Mass? I have ONLY lived here this state, know no other way! I would LOVE to be down in Sarasota,FL but think it may be best p/t when my youngest child is older (he'll be going into HS this fall) maybe we can talk him into college down there! LOL

    Have a great weekend and what part of the country do you reside in now? Do you like it?


  3. I LOVE Very Bradley!!!! Great deal too! Great to see you on here Richelle, I didn't know you had a blog!! I just spent ENTIRELY too much time updating mine with the new templates blogger is offering now!!! Anyway, I'll be back :)

  4. Hey Kristi. I am pretty new here although I had antoher page but I never updated it and lost the password! LOL. I am trying hard to keep up with this one! I love Vera Bradley bags also. I have a neat sraw tote that Kayte got me last year for Mother's Day and then this is my 2nd one. I bought my mom one and with a wallet to match for Christmas. I like that they are not heavy to carry around. The prints are alays fun!

    I find to post pictures here takes time but other than that it is ok. I enjoy all blogs I follow and wil have to revisit yours. Mary also has one on here but don't think she has posted in a while. I am trying to get her (and others) on facebook! The "group" would be eaier to do on there and I think so much better..keep it seperate from our onw person accts on FB and we can set it up private! What do you think? I never was a fan of Yuku but know the others like it. A lot of people worry about FB. I get that. So far I have not had any troubles with it and find it is much easier to keep in touch with a lot of poeple all at one time. EAsy on, easy off! Love how you can post as many pics as you like so easily ... and then posting a link is super simple! Take care.