Saturday, August 21, 2010

heart healthy spaghetti with clams & corn (hint of a summer clambake Made EASY!).

First photo to the left  is BETTER as that was from the inspiration photo:) you can see mine is different! Tasted GREAT!!!!!!! A HUGE HIT!!!
I am not sure but this may have come Cooking Light Magazine or Eating Well.

You can make this a number of ways and basically use what you have and like. Start with some olive oil in a pan, saute with garlic (chopped), shallots (or a red onion or both), red or green bell pepper--add some clam juice and chicken broth before anything really browns up on ya....grate some fresh corn or use some frozen and throw that in (best if you grill your fresh corn and use that--extra yummy!), now throw in your clams (try buy FRESH, whole clams for this recipe)...I boiled whole wheat pasta and threw that in...add lemon and parsley at the end--top with your favorite grated cheese--ENJOY this easy clambake!!!

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  1. Don't forget to add ground pepper!!!! I use low salt chicken broth, you can also use veggie broth or just add water in with the clam juice!!! Up to you!!!!!