Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Roasting Veggies for Later Tonight To Serve with Dinner

I took one sweet potato, a bunch of red beets and 1 red bell pepper.

I peeled the beats and then chopped the sweet potato and cut the bell pepper, in a bowl I mixed those two with some olive oil, sea salt and peppercorns set the over the 350 degrees --- then I lined a baking sheet with wax paper. I then put the beets in another dish to coat with the EVOO, salt and pepper (salt is optional of course, I use kosher). I put all vegetables on the lined baking sheet and cooked until done (the potato and pepper cooked faster, so I took those out and continued to cook the beets for another 15 minutes or so).

Note: If you never tried beets, it's a must. If you have only had them out of can then all the more you NEED to try them fresh! You can saute up the greens at the tops of the steams with some onion, oil and garlic and then boil or roast your beets up, cut up and put over the greens as a warm salad (to make the dressing, in a small bowl add in apple cider vinegar, ground stone mustard and some olive oil, pure over and you won't regret the taste! SIMPLY INCREDIBLE!!!

THIS IS HOW RICH a roated   beet looks (warning: the red beets stain...so be careful:)

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